Wild Whitetails


Wild Whitetails, LLC. is undoubtedly the most unique collection of Whitetail Deer antlers ever assembled for public display. The exhibit features 20 "wild antlered" deer mounts of unique antler configurations.

Wherever Whitetail Deer roam, there are always those that are bigger then all the others, those that hold a unique and genuine character that none other share, those that become local Legends, and those that are seen as Ghosts of the Wilderness. It's these deer, the Ghosts and the Legends, which are the epitome of Wild Whitetails.

All of the deer on display are of wild origin. We feature upto 4 World Record deer, several State records, as well as Provincial record bucks. We exhibit some of the biggest, record book whitetail antlers, and shed antlers, ever recorded.

The Whitetail Deer is a very unique animal in that no two sets of antlers are exactly alike. What we have done is taken that uniqueness to an extreme level. We will show you what unique and different look like when they are combined with huge!

Wild Whitetails is not just for hunters, but for anyone who enjoys the outdoors and likes seeing wildlife. That’s what Wild Whitetails is about, is sharing the natural beauty of the Whitetail Deer, and displaying some of the largest and most unique Whitetail Deer ever recorded.

Wild Whitetails is the only award winning deer display in North America. We are a two time State Fair Grand Champion award winning exhibit.

The late Larry Huffman called Wild Whitetails "the greatest Whitetail Deer display in North America." We offer a professional atmosphere, a clean, safe, exhibit area, and access for any physical requirement.

From World Record Deer, to monster sized deer sheds, Wild Whitetails offers a trophy for everyone!